Happy New Year! 
The wingamesonline.com crew wishes all vistors a happy 2007!

In 2006, this site was launched on the dosgamesonline.com template. Later, we launced a shop .
We look forward to a new year, and keep improving. A new initiative from the makers of wingamesonline.com is set to be launched in february/march 2007. Check our frontpage to stay informed!
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January 01st 2007 09:38:55 AM Happy New Year! posted by Eps
December 05th 2006 02:38:52 PM Games Shop opened! posted by Joris
October 31st 2006 02:25:03 PM Don´t search for gaming news anymore! posted by Joris
October 02nd 2006 07:02:50 AM Wingamesonline.com now opens! posted by Joris


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